French Natural Saltwater Pearl  & Diamond Rose Gold Earrings


A highly important and collector's item - perfectly matched pair of large antique white natural, saltwater button pearls measuring fifteen to sixteen millimeter and weighing over twenty and twenty-one carats, respectively topped with an old mine cut diamond, in 18kt rose gold, circa 1890, handmade with french hallmarks. The pearls accompany a certificate and notable letter from GIA stating them as button shape, white, natural saltwater with no indications of treatment.

An excerpt from the notable letter:

"This pair of saltwater pearls were found to possess fine internal natural growth structures unlike some old natural large pearls which have been found to contain hollow internal structures and are frequently filled to increase both the pearl's durability and weight. This pair is in good condition with good face luster, and matches each other in terms of size, color, and shape very well. It is rare to find one large natural pearl of good quality, and even rarer to find another similar one to form such a fine matched pair.

In sum, in addition to the large size, the fact that these are untreated, whole natural pearls originating from a Pinctada species mollusk with very good matching appearances all combine to contribute to the exceptional and noteworthy nature of these two particular pearls.

GIA Laboratory"